Silver jewels are usually the perfect complement to many of our looks, but if we do
not give them proper care and conservation they can deteriorate by adopting a blackened
appearance, this does not mean that the piece is not of sterling silver or that it is of poor

We provide you with ten tips to clean your silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver
rings, or any silver jewelry in general:

1.  Soak a rag in a vinegar mixture with baking soda or lemon and clean your silver jewelry
carefully. But be careful, this compound can cause vapors, better clean in a ventilated place.

2.  Cover a bowl with aluminum foil and pour hot water on it to dissolve salt or baking soda.
This mixture is especially useful for brushing silver jewelry such as earrings, chains, and

3.  An alternative to the previous advice is to leave the silver jewel inside the container along
with aluminum pieces. This will act as a magnet to remove dirt.

4.    If we rub the silver jewelry with a cloth or cotton that contains a few drops of oil, they will
be full of shine. It is essential to rinse that silver jewelry with water once clean.

5.  Another useful option is to use toothpaste and rub it throughout the piece. Once done,
remove with soap and water and let it dry.

6.  With a small unused toothbrush or an ear stick and dishwasher, you can reach the most
complicated parts, such as engravings, so they do not get scratched.

7.  To protect the silver jewelry when we are not using them, it is advisable to store them in
plastic bags that are airtight to avoid contact with air and moisture.

8.  Prevents silver from coming into contact with colonies, makeup, or creams that can reduce
shine to the objects of this metal.

9.  If you do sports, it is vital to remove the silver jewelry beforehand; sweat is a corrosive
element that causes it to spoil them.

10.  We must avoid leaving the silver exposed to the sun or artificial light as well as contact with
cleaning products such as bleach.

We remind you that it is essential to protect your hands with gloves while performing
these tasks of cleaning silver jewelry to protect our hands from harmful products and, as we
have said before, proceed to clean in a ventilated place to avoid inhaling possible vapors.
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