Even though it has been two years since the closing gala of the 19th Edition of the
Malaga Festival 2016 has given the perfect opportunity to review the looks that have paraded
through the red-carpet par excellence of our national cinema.
Because why are we going to deny it? We love to explain, to the smallest detail, how
our “celebrities” reinterpret the trends of each season.
Therefore, in addition to being one of the primary references of the film industry in
Spain and serving us the most relevant releases of the year, the Malaga Festival always gives
us a unique opportunity to comment without objections about which models have dazzled us
at first sight, what look we would love to wear at the next wedding, what we would never
wear off the what are the accessories and jewels that are fashionable … but, above all, let’s
recognize it, look for that inspiration that sometimes we do not know it would give a perfect
look (and adapt it to our pockets!).
For this, we have selected some of the best dressed at the closing of the festival. The
collection that, with greater or lesser success on the part of the outstanding cast of actresses
who have participated at the end of this edition, can give us interesting ideas on how to
choose the perfect dress, accessories, and jewelry for our next event.
Notably, serenity colors and floral prints, dressed in spring and romantic airs, unique
fabrics with appliques and glitters or, of course, the enduring commitment to white and black.
Looks risky, but always accompanied by jewels and accessories designed to shine and, above
all, to fulfill its sole objective: to help achieve a perfect style. Without further ado, let’s take
you a look back in time and analyze the ideal look of this past Spanish fashion event, shall

This is an intro to a series of the article ”Analyzing the past fashion event to achieve
perfect style in present-day ” with give us some clue regarding the past fashion event held in
Spain. By going through to time and look and decisions of many designers, we hope that we
can help you incorporate that unique style in your everyday life.
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